Drimmie Woods, Blairgowrie, Perthshire




Total distance – 7.4 kilometres

Ascent – 180 metres

Walking conditions – Easy walking on forest tracks and good footpaths. Some walking on a single track road. No difficulties.

Time required – Around 2.5 to 3.5 hours

Nearest town – Blairgowrie

Over the years I’ve passed through Blairgowrie on my way to either Glen Shee or the Cairngorms. On this occasion, for the first time Blairgowrie was the destination and about time too. Blairgowrie is a town with a lot going on. This is certainly the case in terms of walking routes. Whilst driving we noticed numerous public footpath signs. This prompted a visit to the Blairgowrie Tourist Information Office where we received the Drimmie Woods tip-off. What the very helpful assistant failed to mention however, was the weird wooden boards nailed to the trees or the sinister looking wooden spider’s web lying at the side of the forest track. Were we being set up in some ‘Wicker Man’ style occult ritual? Read on…….


There is a parking place just outside Drimmie Woods on Drimmie Road which is about 4 kilometres outside Blairgowrie. It is at this point you get a flavour of the fantastic viewpoints which await you should you survive the first 1.5 kilometre walk through the dark, spooky forest with all the Blair Witch style paraphernalia I mentioned earlier. When you exit the tree line within about 200 metres you will see a lochan on your left, after which the path goes in a circuit returning to this point. There will be some walking on a single track road so watch out for the occasional vehicle. When you get all the way around go back through the spooky forest. Run past the locals who by now, are wearing fancy dress and have brought with them a large wooden structure that looks highly flammable. Jump in your car and drive…..anywhere.

Drimmie Woods




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