Bothwell Castle to David Livingstone Memorial Centre, South Lanarkshire




Total distance – 4 kilometres

Ascent – 80 metres

Walking conditions – Good footpath but can be muddy in places. No difficulties.

Time required – Around 2 to 3 hours

Nearest town – Blantyre/Bothwell

Blantyre has been at some point Scotland’s second largest village, or so I was told when I was being brought up there. David Livingstone was also brought up in Blantyre. Unlike me, David did not spend his time writing blogs but instead became one of the world’s great explorers who discovered large parts of Africa. Consequently, his birthplace has been preserved within the aptly named David Livingstone Memorial Centre. My birthplace however, was more akin to something out of the Five Yorkshire Men Monty Python sketch. I do not expect it to be turned a shrine when I pass through this mortal coil.


The David Livingstone Memorial Centre is a great day out on its own, With extensive grounds, playpark café and museum, there’s loads to do. We decided to combine this outing with a visit to Bothwell Castle simply because there’s a very pleasant 2Km walk between these two tourist attractions via the David Livingstone Memorial Footbridge over the River Clyde.


Leave the car at the Bothwell Castle car park. Walk towards the left hand side of the castle. Just as you walk past the castle you will see a gate. This will take you to the footpath that skirts along the River Clyde. Walk along this (or keep to the higher path if it is particularly wet or muddy). After about 1.5 Km the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge will come into view. Simply continue to follow the path and it will lead you over the bridge. At the other side of the bridge you are right outside the David Livingstone Memorial Centre. Entry is free although there is a cost to visit the museum. Return by the same route.

David Livingstone


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