The Largs Hills, Inverclyde



Total distance – 3.7 kilometres

Ascent – 180 metres

Walking conditions – Footpaths, faint in places. Easy going over grassy expanse. No difficulties.

Time required – Around 1.5 to 2.5 hours

Nearest Town – Largs

It’s hard to go wrong on a day out to Largs. You can wander along the coastline, visit the amusements and funfair, or perhaps board the ferry to the Isle of Bute and go for a cycle around Millport. We like to do all of these but we also like to go for a walk in the hills over-looking the town. The great thing about the Largs Hills is that they make for a fantastic summer stroll amongst magnificent surroundings.


Park at the picnic spot near the Haylie Reservoir which is on the left hand side of the A700 just up the hill from Largs. You’re already at a height of 150 metres, the view is breath-taking and there are several picnic benches adjacent to the car park. From  there you’ve pretty much got a free reign to wander anywhere you like. The ground is undulating and features a number of little hillocks. We chose to go on a 180 metre ascent to Cockle Loch, but in truth on this bright and sunny day we could have picked just about any point on the landscape. There are a number of footpaths which tend to be quite faint but the going is easy and even walking on rough ground is not a problem.


Make sure you explain to the children why there are palm trees in Largs  because it’s always good to mention the Gulf Stream. And don’t forget to go to the chippy!

Largs Hills




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